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Ten Wonderful Years

22 Jan

I can’t thank you enough, girl.


ASSault Weapon Ban Fails The Smell Test

12 Jan

Fart jokes?  Aren’t I better than that?

No.  No, I’m not.

The Social Security Administration officially reprimanded an employee whom colleagues accused of continuously “passing gas and releasing an unpleasant odor” that created a “hostile work environment.”

After the Smoking Gun posted the reprimand letter online, the agency said it withdrew its disciplinary action against the flatulent worker.

“When senior management became aware of the reprimand it was immediately rescinded,” agency spokeswoman Dorothy J. Clark said in an e-mail to The federal Eye.

The Social Security Administration said it withdrew the reprimand seven days after sending the letter, which is dated Dec. 10.

See?  These ass-grabbers will back down once their suffocating tyranny is exposed for what it is.

The letter, which came from the agency’s Office of Disability Operations, cited 60 documented instances of the worker passing gas in his office during a period of about 12 weeks.

The employee allegedly had episodes as much as nine times in one day, according to a log of the incidents included in the letter.

I don’t know about you, but this seems to be yet more evidence of a bloated Social Security Administration, and I’m not just talking about Farty McSmellypants.  A FIVE-PAGE reprimand letter.  For farting.  With a “log” of each seperate incident. 

Here’s an idea:  crack a window.  Move him to Storage Room B.  Anything besides wasting our money documenting the ass-blasts of some fat-assed government drone.

Via Drudge.

You’re Not A Bad Person For Laughing At This

11 Jan

Even if you instinctively feel like you might be.  Because it’s really hilarious, and that’s not YOUR fault.

I saw the “Invisible Driver” prank from the same guy that Ace linked yesterday morning on Fox and Friends.  This kid’s got skills.

Sorry I’ve been away awhile – I’ve been getting crushed at work and am barely through the front door at home before running back out to take my Master Race to one hockey arena or another.  Got some more stuff coming up soon, I promise – and am working on adding video fuckery to my skill set.  Stay tuned!

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