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Bourboncast Is Back, Bitches.

18 Nov

UPDATE:  Apparently the servers at Podomatic that actually host the podcast are down right now.  Keep checking in periodically.  If they haven’t come back up by tomorrow morning, wait longer.

UPDATE 2: I changed the link type to https and that seems to have fixed it – I don’t know why.  If you get a warning box when you click on it, just click “Show All Content” and it will start playing automatically.

I gotta tell you, that election did not go over well with me.  At all.  I didn’t feel like talking, writing or discussing a damn thing to do with the biggest event of American history this century, so I took some time off.

But eventually you realize that after a certain point, you’re not getting any drunker.  You’re just splashing raw booze off the wet, brick-like object that was your liver.  And hey, I can take a hint – when you’re hallcinating Michael Biehn from Aliens, maybe it’s time to get back to work.

Jeff! You’ve blown the liver! Ease down, man…  you’re just grinding kidney. Ease down…

So, with that sage advice, I decided it was time for another Bourbon-cast in which I would outline exactly what happened that allowed Obama to get re-elected in the face of his shitty performance over the last four years. 

Episode 6 – The Problem With America Is That It’s Full Of Americans.

As usual, this is NSFW due to potty mouth and the high likelihood of offending the limpdick liberal anklebiters at your office that undoubtedly hate you. 

If you want to listen to all episodes from the beginning, you can go to my podcast home page:

The Empire of Jeff Bourbon-Cast:  Let Me Put My Audio Inside You.

Let’s Do This

6 Nov

Election Day. Fuckin’ Game On. Nut-Cutting Time. The Great Cleansing. The Un-SCOAMFening.

This is when we end this foolishness once and for all. Get out there and vote. It matters.

Encourage your sensible friends to vote for Romney. Deride and verbally abuse your Obama-voting acquaintances and tell them early returns show Mitt Romney with a 20-point lead and that Chris Matthews has barricaded himself in his dressing room with a bottle of marshmallow vodka and a revolver. Tell them they’re “fittin’ to be ruled by Tha White Man.”

It is never too late to suppress the Democrat vote. Fuck ’em.

I will be taking tomorrow off for my victory lap or my angry, bitter recriminations. The former will be much more entertaining.

Let’s Do This.

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