Is The Rise Of ISIS A Positive Development In Islam’s War Against The West?

4 Sep

ISIS:  the pack of Muslim lunatics tear-assing around Syria and Iraq while raping, murdering and pillaging everything in sight to re-establish the Caliphate.  Crucifying their enemies.  Cutting the heads off little girls and putting them on sticks.  Sawing through the necks of American journalists and posting the video of it to JihadTube.  Openly daring the U.S. President to do something about it, if he has the balls.  Legions of Muslims, born and raised in Western nations, are flocking to the ISIS banner, abandoning their homes in Germany, France, the U.K. and even America;  eager to shed blood in the name of…  well, that part’s not quite clear. 

What is beyond doubt is that ISIS is no amateur pack of half-assed college kids like Arafat’s Black September retards.  ISIS is extremely well-heeled, raking in an estimated $4 million per day, and led by some of Islam’s most experienced warriors, such as the Chechens, who are no strangers to the mass murder of innocents to “advance” their cause.

Is there a silver lining to the rise of the most murderous regime in the last 40 years? 

Quite possibly.

Here’s something to think about:  every Muslim that leaves America to join ISIS so he can shoot, loot and rape is one less Muslim that will do those things IN America.  Tearing up your passport, Mohammed?  Good.  Stay over there and get killed. Email your friends and family, and tell them how great it is over there, so they can go over and get killed, too. Besides, we need more room for Mexican illegals with tuberculosis.  They’re the future of America, you know.

So what, am I advocating abandoning the people of Iraq and Syria to their fates?  For now, yes.  And yes, I know it’s terrible that more innocent people will be tortured and murdered over there. 

But guess what?  Muslims gonna Muslim.  That shit is going to occur, regardless.  We couldn’t save James Foley and Steven Sotloff. What we can do is warn journalists to use some common sense.  Yes, I know – Lara Logan should be able to walk around Tahrir Square without being raped.  But guess what?  She can’t.  Muslims gonna Muslim.

Which brings me to my thesis:  Is there a way to turn the formation of ISIS to our advantage?  Absolutely, with one caveat, and it’s a big one:  we have to have the balls to do so.

The single most frustrating aspect of the War on Terror is the amorphous nature of our enemy.  They hide within the civilian population, slinking out to plant an IED or conduct an ambush, only to fade back into anonymity.  They use our distaste for civilian casualties as just another weapon in their arsenal, knowing that our political leadership will not survive the criticism of collateral damage caused by our forces.  With very few exceptions, like both battles for Fallujah and Sadr City,

The United States has always excelled at stand-up fights, while showing a lack of patience and willpower in fighting insurgencies.  In Vietnam, the Viet Cong were a thorn in the side of U.S. forces, living amongst and operating from a widely-distributed population base. They used terror tactics to great effect, and when they launched the Tet Offensive in 1968, they found out just how badly they fucked up, in offering the U.S. a set-piece battle.  The offensive was absolutely crushed, costing the North Vietnamese 75,000 dead, and ending the Viet Cong as a cohesive insurgency group.  Not that you would ever know it from Walter Cronkite and the flower-dicks, who painted an extremely lopsided U.S. victory as a bitter loss that had cost us the war.

Right now, all the world’s varied, yet local goatfucker terror groups are crystallizing around ISIS.  They’ve found a place where they think they can launch the global domination that their pedophile prophet started. They’re excited.  And so am I.  Because the non-state nature of rug-merchant terrorism has been what’s made it so hard to combat.  Now you fags have your own country, based on your principles of slavery and murder?  Excellent.  GAME ON, BITCHES.

As a wee infantry grunt, I learned the 3 Fs:  Find, Fix, Finish.  ISIS is making themselves easy to Find, coalescing as they are in Syria and northern Iraq, and if the other countries in the region get nervous enough, will beg us to base planes and troops nearby, Fixing them in place. Then you just wait for them to fuck up badly enough* and Finish them.

*Sawing the heads off two American journalists who voluntarily placed themselves into extremely dangerous situations, while outrageous and deserving of retribution, is not sufficient provocation to march to war. Don’t worry about “Jihadi John”. That scrawny faggot is going to get what’s coming to him.

When the predations of Muslims are limited to small-scale, localized actions, the West tends to tolerate them as a necessary evil, and also as an opportunity to show what tolerant gentlebeings they are by not warring against them. When they start to get too big for their britches, the West tends to stomp down.  Hard.

Here’s hoping that the U.S. and Europe find their balls before the butcher’s bill runs too high.


One Response to “Is The Rise Of ISIS A Positive Development In Islam’s War Against The West?”

  1. museisluse September 16, 2014 at 5:24 pm #

    good analysis- especially since I agree with everything you have said.

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